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By :Esther Joseph 0 comments

If your skin is oily and prone to acne, you know how important it is to control its natural moisture. Shiny skin by the end of the day? Yep, we’ve been there. Having to blot and touch up your makeup throughout the day? We can relate.

If you're dealing with oily skin, you know that it adds stress to your personal, social and even professional life, can result in scarring, and can make or break your skincare routine.

The products you use and the routine you follow are essential when taking care of oily skin. Pretty Melanin Skin Care has helped thousands of customers  figure out which serums, cleansers, scrubs, and masks are best for people with oily and acne-prone skin. So, if you have oily skin, let us guide you through the process of learning the best dos and don'ts for your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, check out our Do’s and Don’ts for Acne-Prone Skin here.

What Is The Recommended Routine For Cleansing Oily Skin?


We highly recommend avoiding harsh products or washing your face too much in one day if you have oily skin. We know how frustrating it can be to look at your skin and want to wash off the oil right away. But if you wash your face too much, you'll get rid of its natural moisture. This can cause redness, inflammation, acne breakouts, and sensitivity.


We highly recommend washing your face no more than twice a day with cleansers that are safe and will boost your skin's natural defenses. The Tea Tree Daily Face Wash/Cleanser, is made from only natural ingredients that are fresh and clean, like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Extract, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Turmeric, and Turmeric Extract. Tea tree oil is excellent in many ways. It is a plant extract with healing properties that can treat a number of skin problems. Tea tree oil has strong antibacterial properties that help make acne less likely to happen. Chamomile Extract helps slow down the aging process by protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Organic virgin olive oil has antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage. Turmeric gives your face a natural glow and stops acne at the same time. Last but not least, aloe vera soothes sunburns and keeps the skin moist.

2. After you clean your face, moisturize it.


A big misconception about having oily skin is that moisturizers are not needed. Moisturizing oily skin can help  avoid  things like pollution and UV rays that can damage your skin's moisture barrier and make it produce more oil. Without a moisturizer for oily skin, your skin may begin creating more oil.


Moisturizers like our  Pretty Melanin Face Serum is an effective moisturizer for oily skin. Moisturizers with natural ingredients like  turmeric, organic shea butter, and aloe promotes skin hydration while also helping get rid of blackheads, acne, and acne scars. Adding a moisturizer to your skin routine can also lead to smaller pores, clearing dark spots, and promoting an overall even skin tone. We recommend applying our Pretty Melanin Face Serum during your daily and nightly routine. 

3. Try a face mask once in a while


Adding the right face mask to your routine can be extremely effective when dealing with oily prone skin. Masks that contain ingredients like coconut oil, mineral oil, or sunflower oilcan clog pores and worsen acne. It's also essential to avoid masks with alcohol in them since alcohol is known to lead to dry skin. .


Instead, look for masks with natural ingredients like Natural Bentonite clay and Organic apple cider that can remove dead skin and kill bacteria. We highly recommend using our  Face Mask once to twice a week. Our Pretty Melanin Face Mask can be used to pull dirt from the surface of your skin while helping address blackheads, acne, and blemishes.. The Aloe gel, Turmeric Oil, and Rosemary extract all get rid of excess oil and other impurities. This makes blemishes dry up in minutes and kills bacteria while focusing on acne.



Consistency is key when trying new products or adding products to your existing skincare routine. We highly recommend trying new products for 4-8 weeks for maximum results. Pretty Melanin customers usually report seeing a noticeable difference in their skin in 1-2 months on average. Trying a bunch of new products at once is not recommended because if your skin has a negative reaction, it’s hard to identify which products may be the issue.  When choosing products for oily skin, this is one time when less is more. When you use too many products, you expose your skin to too many different ingredients, and you can't be sure which ones are good or bad. 


The best thing you can do for problematic oily skin is to start with the basic skincare routine steps- Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. Our Clear Skin Combo is a combination of natural and organic facial products that are designed to help with oily skin. The Tea Tree Daily Face Wash, Collagen Boosting Toner/Mist and Face Serum can be used on a daily basis to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. The Sugar Scrub and Face Mask are also included and are excellent additions to your weekly skin care routine to maximize results. We also recommend adding our Organic Dark Spot Corrector which can be added at the end of your day time or night time skin care routine and our Pretty Melanin Turmeric Mask, which can be used in addition to our Pretty Melanin Clay Face Mask. 



A complete and effective skin care routine is only one factor to think about when treating oily skin. Some of the leading causes of oily skin are stress and diet. Don’t put your skin under pressure. Even though it may not seem obvious, irritated skin is often caused by heat, friction, stress, and rubbing on the skin for a long time. Don't pick at your skin, even if it looks harmless or seems like a good idea. When you pick at and poke at your skin, you spread bacteria, oil, and dirt from your fingers onto your skin. Diet changes are also recommended because the benefits from natural skincare ingredients can have negative reactions or become ineffective when paired with the chemicals and hormones of certain dietary choices.  


When using your skincare products, we highly recommend using a facial brush like one of our brushes. We also recommend keeping your hands clean and bacteria free while also making sure that your products remain clean and bacteria free. Dietary changes like no dairy products, limiting red meat intake, doubling your water intake, minimizing your sugar intake & trying to stay away from processed food & oily foods, and eating extra fruits and vegetables can help you maximize the benefits of the natural ingredients you’re using by boosting your immune system and promoting overall healing and wellness. 

Wrapping It Up

Adding simple but effective skin care routine to your schedule is necessary when treating  oily skin. With the skin care routine, the knowledge on how to apply the products and some healthy diet changes,  Pretty Melanin Skincare can help guide you through your skincare journey process. Check out one of the hundreds of reviews we’ve received from customers that can’t stop raving about our Clear Skin Combo! 

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